Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for processing student bills and payments. Charges include, but are not limited to: tuition, fees, health insurance, special fees for students enrolled in Health Programs, student identification card replacement fees, print quota reset fees, parking tickets, and returned check fees. The Business Office is also responsible for disbursing financial aid checks (including student loans), refund checks, and scholarship payments.

Some of the services provided by the Business Office are:

Student Accounts Office

  • Collect Tuition payments
  • Disburse Financial Aid checks including student loans
  • Issue refunds for Tuition and Fees
  • Process Insurance waivers (due with first tuition payment)
  • Process Scholarship payments
  • Process 1098-T (to access your 1098-T go to:

Important Notes

  • Students who have any outstanding financial obligations to the College will not be admitted, readmitted or permitted to register. If already registered, these students will not be permitted to receive grade reports, attendance reports, or transcripts of grades and will not be eligible for graduation until their financial obligations to the college are satisfied.
  • Lack of attendance does not constitute withdrawal and students will still be responsible for the charges as well as applicable collections costs.

Accounts Payable/Purchasing Office

  • Process Vendor payments
  • Process Employee and Student reimbursements
  • Process Purchase Orders

For more information go to: Accounts Payable


Business Office
Location Nickerson Administration Building, Room 116
Hours Monday–Friday: 8:30am–4:30pm
Phone 508.375.4123
Toll Free 877.846.4093
Fax 508.375.4093