Associate in Science Degree

Information Technology Program – Administrative Assistant Concentration – General Track

Administrative Assistant Concentration Overview

Students in the Administrative Assistant concentration acquire a wide range of computer, communication, and organizational skills that prepare them for support positions in a modern office setting. Students enrolled in this concentration choose from the General or Medical tracks.

Administrative Assistant Concentration Overview – General Track Overview

Students in this option learn to keyboard, write and format business documents; use a variety of information processing tools; administer and organize an automated office; and apply correct office procedures in various situations.

Students who are matriculated and place into developmental math and/or English are required to begin the course sequence in the first semester. Please see an advisor with questions.

First Semester Credits
ENL101   3
COM103   3
GIT110 M 3
BUS100   3
Typing I

Students learn to master the computer keyboard, develop speed and accuracy, and prepare basic business documents.

Prerequisite: None

Offered: Fall, Spring

Note: If this course is waived, it must be replaced with a Business elective – any course with an ACC, BIT, BUS, CUL, ECO, ENT, GIT, HRM or MKT designation.

Second Semester Credits
ACC100   3
BUS120   3
  M Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (or)
Natural or Physical Science
3 (or) 4
GIT150   3
GIT220 M 3
Third Semester Credits
BUS102   3
MKT112 (or)
Customer Service: Concepts & Applications (or)

MKT112 Customer Service: Concepts & Applications

This course provides an overview of customer service concepts and terminology and exposes students to various customer service challenges. Students learn to identify different types of customer behaviors, determine customer needs through active listening, become effective verbal and non-verbal communicators, hone telephone customer service skills, learn how best to handle difficult customers, become aware of how to offer customer service within a diverse organizational environment, take steps to encourage customer loyalty, and practice service recovery.

Prerequisite: None

Offered: Fall, Spring

BUS214 Management

Provides an introduction to principles and techniques of management as they relate to business, government, and non-profit organizations. Includes the study of the functions of management: coordinating, problem-solving, decision-making, communicating, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

Prerequisite: ENL101 and BUS100

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning or
Natural or Physical Science*

*Students who are planning to transfer should take one 4-credit lab science course.

For a complete list of General Education Courses, see: General Education Courses

3 (or) 4
    Behavioral & Social Science 3
Business Elective

Any course with an ACC, BIT, BUS, CUL, ECO, ENT, GIT, HRM or MKT designation.

Fourth Semester Credits
BIT202   3
GIT125   3
Business Elective

Any course with an ACC, BIT, BUS, CUL, ECO, ENT, GIT, HRM or MKT designation.

Note: Cooperative Work Experience is recommended.

    Behavioral & Social Science 3
    General Education Elective 3
Total Credits 60/62

M Designates a Milestone course. A milestone course must be completed in the semester indicated to ensure that you remain on track to continue on in your program and graduate on time.

Career Outlook

Students completing the General Administrative Assistant track are trained to provide administrative or executive support in small to large office settings including but not limited to banks, insurance, technology, and real estate.

This occupational profile is provided by O*NET.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Information Technology Program – Administrative Assistant Concentration – General Track, students are able to: