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MassTransfer A2B Degree

through Commonwealth Commitment

The Commonwealth Commitment’s A2BDegree (Associate to Bachelor’s) allows you to graduate quickly and save big on college costs!

Video: Governor Baker on College Affordability & the new Commonwealth Commitment

Students Commit To:

Begin at one of Massachusetts’ Community Colleges

Complete associate degree within 2.5 years

Transfer to one of Massachusetts’ State Universities or UMass campuses

Complete bachelor’s degree within 2 more years

Maintain full-time, continuous enrollment and a cumulative 3.0 GPA

Commonwealth Commitment to Students:

A freeze on tuition & mandatory fees for all four years upon entry.
Valid until student successfully completes or leaves Commonwealth Commitment program.

A 10% rebate off tuition & mandatory fees
Payable at the end of every successfully completed semester.

Additional MassTransfer Tuition Credit on bachelor’s program entry.

Guaranteed admission – space permitting in the major and college.

Guaranteed transfer of credits.

No application fee or essay
MassTransfer Application required by deadline

Video: President John Cox on Commonwealth Commitment at Cape Cod Community College.

How do I sign up?

Commonwealth Commitment Participation FormPDF document

Learn More: www.mass.edu/masstransfer/macomcom/home.asp