College Opening Status

College Hotline: 508.375.4070
The College Hotline has the most up-to-date information on weather delays, cancellations, or early closings.

The very first avenue of communications updated is the College Hotline. The College Hotline is an excellent choice for the most current information about the college's closing status. If the opening of the College is delayed or cancelled due to weather emergencies, or for any reason, the hotline will have the most current updates.

In addition to the hotline, the CCCC homepage displays a large graphic with information on campus closings and delays when they occur.

Class Cancellations Due to Weather

The College Hotline has the most up-to-date information on weather delays/cancellations/early closings.

Local radio stations and Boston television stations are contacted whenever there is a major change in the College’s status. However, due to increasing use of automated operations and notification systems, complete College information does not always match the automated options provided. If you see or hear a message regarding the College’s status, use that message as a prompt to call the College Hotline where complete and accurate information is recorded first whenever a change in status must be made.

The following media outlets will be notified in the event of closings or delayed openings:

  • WQRC-FM 99.9
  • WPLM-FM 99.1
  • WXTK-FM 95.1
  • WMVY-FM 92.7
  • WATD-FM 95.9
  • WOCN-FM103.9
  • WCIB-FM 101.9