Former 4Cs students

Powerful Profiles

From hospitals and boardrooms, to airplane hangars and small business across the state and beyond: the students and graduates of Cape Cod Community College are powering their communities, and they are making a difference.

Powerful futures really do start here at 4Cs. Don’t just take our word for it: hear it straight from the source.

Kareem Sanjaghi '09
Mortgage Loan Officer
Cape Cod 5

It wasn’t just the classes that hooked Kareem: it was the connection to his classmates and faculty.

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Brianna Shirley '19
Business Administration Graduate

Brianna has a long-term goal of creating a non-profit organization dedicated to serving women living below the poverty line.

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David Troutman '82
Co-owner, Scargo Café

David was working full time, wanted to stay local, and needed an affordable option. He soon discovered that the quality of the teaching was tremendous.

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Shawna Byrnes '17
Medical Assistant
Fontaine Medical Center

Shawna credits 4Cs for enabling her to be well prepared for work experience. Her advice: “Just do it! I’m living proof that it's possible.”

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Jitka Borowick '08
President and CEO, Cleangreen
Board Member, Cape Cod Academy

Jitka had a dream of owning her own business. The year she graduated from 4Cs, Jitka turned her dreams into reality.

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