Associate in Science Degree Requirements

The Associate in Science programs provide students with general education coursework and professional skills coursework to enter the workforce in their chosen profession.

Students who matriculated at Cape Cod Community College prior to Fall 2010 will follow the requirements in the catalog under which they originally matriculated. (Refer to the College catalog archives.)

For the Associate in Science degree, the student must:

  1. have a minimum cumulative average of 2.0,
  2. satisfactorily complete a minimum of 60 credit hours, at least 24 of which must be earned from Cape Cod Community College, excluding developmental education courses,
  3. complete 21-23 general education credits as follows:
 ENL101 English Composition I3 credits 
 Humanities & Fine Arts*3 credits 
 Behavioral & Social Sciences6 credits 
 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (or)
 Natural or Physical Science
6-8 credits 
 General Education Elective3 credits 
 Total credits21-23 credits 
  1. complete 37-39+ credits professional education credits required by a particular program. (Refer to the Associate in Science programs.)

*Programs will, in most cases, include both ENL102 and COM103 resulting in a minimum of 24 General Education credits.

Refer to the list of General Education Courses - courses that satisfy General Education requirements.