Advantage Peer Mentoring

The Advantage Peer Mentor program is students helping students adapt to the college environment so they can meet their educational goals and the challenges that go along with them with ease and confidence.

Role of a Peer Mentor

  1. Provides information concerning campus resources, activities and services.
  2. Acts as a source of positivity for new students.
  3. Provides encouragement for mentees to stay in college and finish their program.
  4. Models respect, self-advocacy, resilience and resourcefulness.
  5. Is accessible to answer mentee questions.
  6. Helps students discover their own ideas, answers and methods of problem-solving.
  7. Builds trust with the mentees and is an active part of their college life.
  8. Refers mentees to other campus services as needed.

Professional Ethics of a Peer Mentor

  1. Assists mentees in developing self-confidence and becoming self-advocating learners.
  2. Does not impose personal beliefs, values or lifestyles upon mentees.
  3. Strives to establish a relationship with mentees that is open, caring, honest and supportive.
  4. Is considerate, courteous, friendly and cooperative with fellow mentors and staff.
  5. Is punctual, consistent and reliable in the execution of all assigned duties.
  6. Respects the personal dignity of mentees and coworkers and accepts them without judgment.
  7. Maintains confidentiality at all times.

How to Become a Peer Mentor

If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor, contact the Advantage Office: 774.330.4321