Drinking Water Distribution and Treatment Education

All Distribution and Treatment courses listed are offered in partnership with the Massachusetts Water Works Association:

Drinking Water Distribution

Dates: Wed. 2/26/20-5/13/20; 5:30-9:00pm (12 sessions)
Location: Cape Cod Community College - Hyannis, Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis
Instructor: Ray Jack
Course Code: WET083-62

Cost: $829 (does not include cost of textbook)
Textbook Fee: $90 (paid for separately at the first class)
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This state-approved course is offered in partnership by Massachusetts Water Works Association (MWWA). The Basic Water Distribution course is designed to provide the student with the general concepts of drinking water distribution.

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of drinking water distribution operations. Taking and passing this course is a pre-requisite for taking the Drinking Water Licensing Exam(s) for Water Distribution, grades D2, D3, or D4 and it is a required component for eligibility as an operator-in-training or a full license operator. Participants will learn required information and critical thought processes involved in understanding the successful operation and maintenance of drinking water distribution systems. This course will utilize Sacramento State’s 7th Edition of “Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance”. Those who complete this course will be awarded 37 TCHs (Training Contact Hours).

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