Language and Literature

The Department of Language and Literature offers:

  • A developmental education course in reading and writing essentials
  • English as a Second Language.
  • College level basic skills courses required of most degree candidates:
  • English Composition I and English Composition II.
  • University freshman and sophomore parallel courses in Critical Reading and Thinking, American Sign Language, Literature, and Writing.
  • Modern World Languages —  French, German, and Spanish
  • Journalism

Courses foster creativity, promote critical thinking, introduce students to the wealth of our humanistic heritage and showcase students' mastery of the material. Department members teach and apply the fundamentals of research, stimulate the use of scholarly methods and attitudes throughout their offerings, and encourage the individual scholarship of their colleagues.

The Department of Language and Literature prepares students:

  • to master the communication skills needed for college work
  • to transfer to other institutions
  • to lead an individually enriched and socially productive life
  • to work with others, to solve problems, to make decisions, and to adapt to change

The department fosters a climate of mutual respect, enthusiastic cooperation and sensitivity to the disciplines we serve.