Fulltext Journals and Newspapers

The Wilkens Library provides access to thousands of full text periodicals via its online indexes. To find even more fulltext items, look below!

EBSCO A-Z FulltextUse the Full Text Finder to search the full list of journals, magazines, newspapers and other periodical publications we subscribe to in print and online in our databases. Off-Campus-login with library barcode and PIN (default PIN=Student ID #).

Disability Scoop The Wilkens library offers access to DisabilityScoop, the "Premier Source for Developmental Disability News."  Access is available on campus only.

Science Direct Off-Campus – login with library barcode and PIN (default PIN=Student ID#). Click the icon for direct access to our ScienceDirect health sciences journals from Elsevier, including Dental and Nursing Clinics of North America, Heart and Lung, Nursing Outlook, and many more. Note that ScienceDirect indexes journals not included in our subscription and will offer to sell you individual access-please remember that we can order these articles through interlibrary loan for 10 cents a page or less.

Holdings of individual periodical titles in paper & microfilm can also be found using a title search in the CLAMS Online Catalog.