Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI)

The MAICEI program at Cape Cod Community College is a fully inclusive postsecondary program for adult high school students (aged 18–22), with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

A Building Block for the Future

  • The mission of the program is to provide college experiences to increase self-determination, dignity and worth
  • Students in the MAICEI program share the same experiences as their college aged peers in the areas of academics and socialization
  • With additional supports in place, CCCC MAICEI students may enroll in courses for credit or as an audit experience, attend clubs and campus events, and socialize with peers
  • The program has been tremendously successful as students gain independence, further develop communication skills, and are actively engaged in creating their lives

Participation in the MAICEI program is contingent on a partnership agreement with the student’s sending high school district. MAICEI is a Commonwealth of Massachusetts grant funded program through the Department of Higher Education. The expectation is that the program will move towards full sustainability with the understanding that partner districts will contribute to the overall cost of the program. Tuition, books, and related supplies have been covered by the program traditionally. Support services such as tutoring, coaching, and advising, are also part of the MAICEI experience.

CEI Program welcomes students who meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in one of our partner public high schools
  • Between the ages of 18–22
  • Tier one students are young adults who are eligible for special education services and have not passed the MCAS exam; tier two students have passed the exam with great effort, and are still eligible for special education services
  • Referred by their special education advisors and directors
  • Have identified their personal transition goals from high school to post high school in an IEP or Person Centered Plan

Getting Started

Students who are interested in the MAICEI Program at CCCC should contact the special education director in their school district. Interested students must complete an application for acceptance to the program.

2020 MAICEI Grant Student ApplicationPDF document

Student Spotlight

MalachiMalachi is a 20 year old student who participates in Project Growth at Plymouth North High School. He is originally from Brockton, MA and lives in Plymouth. Malachi has attended Cape Cod Community College for three semesters. He has taken College Experience with Professor Allen, Microcomputer Applications Software with Professor Guarino, and is currently taking Introduction to Computer Graphics with Professor Caron.

Malachi’s favorite thing to do on campus is to walk around and see what’s going on. He is most proud of the fact that the college experience has been easier than he thought it would be. “The support and tutoring is really helpful. I am proud of my time management skills.” Malachi has also taken mid-term and final exams for challenging classes. “As I learned more and became confident in what I learned I felt prepared for the exams. They were mostly computer exams.”

Malachi would advise future MAICEI students to “use as much time as you can to learn and study the subject and consider how in-depth the class will go.” Malachi has done a lot of small group work in college courses and finds that, “interesting. It’s less independent…so when you get stuck on something there is someone there to help you with ideas. You’re not doing it by yourself. I felt the same as everyone else in my group and I felt I had something to contribute.”

Malachi says, “The best part about going to college is how naturally it fits into my schedule. I had never thought about going to college before. I have cousins and family in college and now I can talk about my experience with them. My brother just graduated from college.”

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For More Information

Learning Disabilities Specialist / Coordinator
Tara Riley, M.Ed.
Maureen M. Wilkens Hall
Room 230
Phone: 774-330-4485

Career Specialist
Theresa Bowse
Maureen M. Wilkens Hall
Room 233
Phone: 774-330-4374