Where Are the Jobs?

The emerging trends in the environmental technology industry at the technician level include: hazardous waste clean-up, site assessment, wetlands delineation, on-site wastewater treatment, solid waste management, water utilities, watershed analysis, permitting, resource recovery, pollution prevention, non-point source pollution control, sustainable development, life cycle assessment, use of computerized mapping, in-field sample analysis, international standards such as ISO 14000 environmental management systems. The environmental industry offers many opportunities for students with a technology background.

What special training and certification do students need to be job ready?

Internships and laboratory experiments give students the "hands-on" experience that employers are looking for. HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) 40 hour OSHA training is critical. For additional information about training, visit the CCPE website. Other certifications include:

  • water supply and wastewater plant operator licenses
  • air quality inspector
  • asbestos abatement
  • pollution prevention technician
  • environmental health technician
  • hazardous materials technician

Environmental Job Opportunities: