Developing the ability to monitor academic progress

Successful students keep track of their progress during and between semesters. We have various processes in place to help you determine whether or not you are in academic difficulty. If you realize that you may be falling behind or that life is interfering with your academic progress, we can help through a variety of available means that will support your individual goals.

Stepping Stones for developing the ability to monitor academic progress

Once enrolled at Cape Cod Community College, you have many programs and services ("Stepping Stones") available to help you succeed on this pathway. These may include:

Academic Standing Policy

You learn regularly whether you are in good standing or under academic review, academic probation I, academic probation II, or dismissed.

Math Learning Center

Available to any student who wishes assistance with math work, a quiet place for tutoring in math, or a chance to examine relevant texts on math topics, the Math Learning Center is open five days a week. Students sometimes do their math homework here because help is available.

Science Building, Room 112, 774.330.4626

Mid-Term Warnings

At mid-semester faculty members submit warning grades of C- or lower to the Registrar’s office which notifies students who have received such warning grades, allowing you to see where you stand at that point in the semester. You then have the opportunity to discuss your grades and how to improve them with your professors before it is too late to rebound from possible failure.

Requirement to meet with your assigned advisor before registering for classes

This requirement helps to ensure that you select the appropriate courses needed to meet your academic goals.

Reading and Writing Resource Center

The Reading and Writing Resource Center provides tutoring support for all reading and writing across the curriculum. A learning specialist and peer tutors are available to assist students with the preparation of any writing assignment.

MM Wilkens Hall, Room 108, 774.330.4526

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center provides new and returning students with the help that they need to succeed in their academic endeavors. Tutoring services are offered at no charge to students enrolled in credit courses.

MM Wilkens Hall, Room 111, 774.330.4352

Success indicators for "developing the ability to monitor academic progress"

You may measure your success on this pathway using the following:

  • Connecting with the course instructor.
  • Evaluating results of quizzes and/or assignments early in the semester or no later than midterm.
  • Utilizing resources in stepping stones to increase potential for success.
  • Understanding college policies related to pre-requisites and grading.