Earning certificates or degrees and/or transferring to another institution

We have a variety of people and services available to help you select the appropriate certificate or degree or to prepare for transfer to another institution. Even if you are uncertain about your academic goals, we have a variety of means to help you explore your interests and talents.

Stepping Stones for earning certificates or degrees and/or transferring to another institution

Once enrolled at Cape Cod Community College, you have many programs and services (“Stepping Stones”) available to help you succeed on this pathway. These may include:

Academic Standing Policy

You learn regularly whether you are in good standing or under academic review, academic probation I, academic probation II, or dismissed.

Career Planning 

The Career Planning office offers a variety of services and resources, such as career counseling, self-assessments, occupation research, job search advice, and career videos to assist you in defining and reaching your career goals.

Grossman Commons, Room 204, 774.330.4435

Declaration of Intent to Graduate

Early in the semester of graduation, you must submit a Declaration of Intent to Graduate signed by your advisor to the Registrar’s office, which will determine whether you have met all requirements.

Honors Program

The Honors Program allows you, if qualified, to pursue independent research, to collaborate with faculty and students, and to develop critical thinking skills, leading to Honors recognition on your transcript and at graduation.

Tilden Arts Center, Room 218, 774.330.4658

Math Learning Center

Available to any student who wishes assistance with math work, a quiet place for tutoring in math, or a chance to examine relevant texts on math topics, the Math Learning Center is open five days a week. Students sometimes do their math homework here because help is available.

Science Building, Room 112, 774.330.4626

Non-Traditional by Gender Career Program

The college promotes career choices based on interests and abilities, free from gender stereotypes or limiting expectations.

MM Wilkens Hall, Room 233, 774.330.4374

Reading and Writing Resource Center

The Reading and Writing Resource Center provides tutoring support for all reading and writing across the curriculum. A learning specialist and peer tutors are available to assist students with the preparation of any writing assignment.

MM Wilkens Hall, Room 108, 774.330.4526

Requirement to meet with an advisor before registering for classes

This requirement helps to ensure that you select the appropriate courses needed to meet your academic goals.

Transfer Advising

Transfer advising is available to you if you hope to further your education at an institution that will serve your goals and needs. The transfer counselor assists you in understanding transfer requirements at various public and private institutions and in finding which college or university will best fit you.

Grossman Commons Building, Room 206-E, 774.330.4316

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center provides new and returning students with the help that they need to succeed in their academic endeavors. Tutoring services are available at no cost to all students enrolled at the College.

MM Wilkens Hall, Room 111, 774.330.4352


Success indicators for “Earning certificates or degrees and/or transferring to another institution”

You may measure your success on this pathway through the following:

  • Using career planning.
  • Using the transfer office.
  • Attending information sessions to determine interests and requirements.
  • Attending career fairs.
  • Continuing to evaluate academic progress.
  • Seeking assistance when needed.
  • Knowing and understanding career/program requirements.