What Do You Consider Success?

Cape Cod Community College recognizes multiple pathways to student success.

Based on the awareness that student success is unique to every individual, Cape Cod Community College defines student success as a series of stepping stones and milestones which could include being prepared for college, establishing clear and realistic goals, completing courses, developing the ability to monitor academic progress, earning certificates and degrees, transferring to another institution, acquiring necessary occupational training, and gaining skills useful for future learning.

Six Pathways to Student Success:

Preparing for college and establishing clear and realistic goals

College means independence, so we urge you to be yourself and make decisions that are right for who you are today and how you see your future. We can assist you in developing a plan for success.

Completing courses and/or continuing to take courses

We recognize that when you enroll in courses, you intend to succeed. However, sometimes the course requirements may seem overwhelming. We have many sources of help available to support you. We assess your placement scores and grades and recommend courses appropriate for your college goals, so that you can continue to progress.

Developing the ability to monitor academic progress

Successful students keep track of their progress during and between semesters. We have various processes in place to help you determine whether or not you are in academic difficulty. If you realize that you may be falling behind or that life is interfering with your academic progress, we can help through a variety of available means that will support your individual goals.

Earning certificates or degrees and/or transferring to another institution

We have a variety of people and services available to help you select the appropriate certificate or degree or to prepare for transfer to another institution. Even if you are uncertain about your academic goals, we have a variety of means to help you explore your interests and talents.

Acquiring necessary occupational training

If you have an occupational goal, we have resources to assist you in identifying the knowledge and skills required for your chosen occupation. If you are unsure of the occupational direction you might follow, we provide numerous career exploration opportunities in a variety of media, including internet and written self‐evaluation tools.

Gaining skills useful for lifelong learning

We have resources that can help you understand your personal learning style and match you with appropriate instructional techniques. Everyone learns differently, so recognizing and understanding your own learning style and developing strategies for accessing needed information from various reliable sources will provide you with a foundation for lifelong learning.