Meet the team at the Student Readiness Office

Art Esposito, Coordinator
B.B., San Diego State University
M.A., San Diego State University
CLEP Cheif Examinter
High School Equivalency Chief Examiner
Office of Student Readiness
(774) 330-4454



Jane Lancaster, Administrative Assistant
A.A., Cape Cod Community College
B.S., Southern New Hampshire State University (pending)
Office of Student Readiness
(774) 330-4543



Jack Murphy, High School Equivalency Examiner
C.A.G.S., Bridgewater State College
M.Ed., Bridgewater State College
B.A., Boston College
Office of Student Readiness
(774) 330-4450


 Joe Daly, High School Equivalency Examiner
B.A., St. Anselm College
M. Div., Maryknoll College
M.A., Fordham University
Office of Student Readiness
(774) 330-4450


Liz Daly, Director
B.A., Framingham State College
M.S., Framingham State University
MBTI Certified Practitioner
Office of Student Readiness
(774) 330-4466