Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement:

The Cape Cod Community College Tutoring Program provides free assistance to students enrolled in credit courses in order to promote student success and achievement. As a learning-centered environment, we value the contributions of a diverse population, welcome open inquiry and promote mutual respect. Tutoring is designed to support the individual learning styles and goals of our students and provide resources to promote student independence and learning.

Student Learning Goals:

As a result of tutoring, students will:

  • Improve their knowledge of course content, their study skill habits and their ability to work independently, collaboratively and flexibly.
  • Feel confident in their ability to communicate effectively, and achieve and persist in their current courses and their academic goals.
  • Develop skills that enable them to succeed according to the academic and social standards of the institution and chosen discipline.

Program Goals:

The tutoring program will:

  • Model and recommend best ethical, social, and academic practices that promote independent and collaborative learning.
  • Work closely with faculty to align tutoring practices and training with student learning outcomes.
  • Provide systematic, mandatory, ongoing tutor training that emphasizes confidentiality utilizing a variety of techniques based on theory to support the different needs and learning styles of a diverse population.
  • Provide the support, resources, space and technology to create a safe, comfortable and inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of our student population and tutoring staff.
  • Provide resources and support for students to improve their content knowledge as well as, basic computer skills, communication skills, research skills, quantitative and computational skills, information management skills, critical and creative thinking skills and productivity.