Peer Tutor Program

The Peer Tutor Program provides training to students currently enrolled in for-credit courses at Cape Cod Community College to become tutors for courses in which they have received a grade of B or higher.  Students must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA and a recommendation from a faculty member to apply to become Peer Tutors. Peer Tutors are trained according to College Reading and Learning Association Guidelines (CRLA).

Peer Tutors are accessible resources who can relate to student needs, having recently taken courses they are tutoring and being currently enrolled in classes themselves.

Here is what some of our peer tutors have to say about the Peer Tutor Program:

Students in classroom"The Peer Tutor Program works great in both directions, for students and for peers. Students have access to free academic resources, and peer tutors more deeply explore those subjects that they tutor."

"I think the overall program is a great tool for students. I know it isn't easy for some students to seek out help and in my position, it makes it easier for them to obtain that help."

Students who are interested in being peer tutors can fill out the Peer Tutor Application FormPDF document.

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John Naisbitt