Supplemental Instruction Program (SI)

The Supplemental Instruction Program provides specialized training for students to become SI Leaders. An SI Leader is a peer tutor who is assigned to a specific class section to work with students. Working with input from the instructor and the students, the SI Leader sets up a schedule to assist students during class time, during lab time, and/or in group study sessions outside of class.

Here is what some of our SI Leaders have to say about the Supplemental Instruction Program:

"I like being able to work with students in the classroom and help them through any issues they may be having. It is a very rewarding experience.”

“As an SI Leader, I enjoy working with the students, building new friendships, and getting to know the professor while strengthening my knowledge of the course material."

For more information: Contact Chris Cogswell, SI Coordinator in the Tutoring Center, MM Wilkens Hall Room 111, or call 774-330-4352.

Recommend Students to become Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders: Print and fill out the Supplemental Instruction Faculty Recommendation Form, then pass it on to your recommended student to submit to Chris Cogswell, SI Coordinator.